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Top Selling Mens Cologne For A Picnic 2023


To help you choose the best perfume for field trips, we will advise a suitable product for the main styles let you choose!

Review 9 Best Men Perfumes for a Picnic

1. Thierry Mugler Cologne

Mugler Cologne is a citrus fragrance with a classic combination of bergamot, neroli, petit and lemon. Once the stalks have been cut off from the branches, bringing with them the residual sap that brings a sense of freshness and fullness of life. Finally, the white musk spread gradually, bringing a little natural and gentle for the Mugler Cologne.

The bottle of Mugler Cologne is designed in a classic style with sophisticated lines and outlines. Combined with stylized spray bottle cap and will eventually be a layer of perfume brilliant blue, bring a little light and fresh of flowers.

A simple but very unique scent. Thierry Mugler Cologne is designed for both women and men. Surely you will always receive the compliment, the attraction as the overwhelming and the indispensable charm will make you perfect on your trip.

2. Guerlain Homme

Guerlain Homme fragrances are inspired by the fragrance of wood dedicated to men. Guerlain Homme came to the public in 2008 and was co-authored by Thierry Wasser and Sylvaine Delacourte.

Guerlain Homme contains bergamot, lemon, citrus, green tea, mint, vetiver, cedar, rum. Guerlain Homme stimulates the fresh breath of vibrant rum mixed with the lemon flavor of green skin just sour sweet mint and citrus tones. This perfume will melt your skin with pure, warm, soft, warm wine and then deposited with vetiver extract. Somewhere there is a little extra cedar with lush green skin filled with vitality.

Guerlain Homme is a powerful masculine scent that awakens wild ego hiding deep inside you. This daytime fragrance is a breath of freshness but subtle in harmony with sour and warm wood. The freshness of Guerlain really makes a sensation to anyone around you.

3. Versace Pour Homme By Versace

Versace pour homme review

Versace was born in 2008, belongs to the Fougere group. This is a classic, masculine scent that keeps the man strong, full of charm but equally dynamic, confident.

Top notes are lightly covered with Diamante citrus and other floral fragrances such as Neroli orange, May rose. Mid notes of warmth mixed with cedarwood, geranium, hyacinth, ginseng. The warmth increases in the last note when the amber, musk, tonka bean.

Versace Pour Homme with crisp and delicate notes. The power and masculinity hidden beneath the purest floral scent will be a great choice for strong and polite men.

4. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren for Men

Polo Blue is a product of the four colors of the Ralph Lauren brand, which is part of Aromatic Fougere – a fresh Fougere fragrance launched in 2003. The pair of renowned perfumers Carlos Benaim and Christophe Laudamiel The person who gave birth to this product.

Polo Blue begins with the aroma of watermelon, citrus, cucumber bring freshness and sweetness. The middle notes are basil, sage and wormwood. The base notes are musk, aromatic wood and leather. A closer look, the scent brings aroma from fresh fruit aroma, fresh sweet, pleasant. Incense spicy base with basil, sage fragrant aroma helps. Elegance and elegance only in the late incense in the presence of leather and musk. All the unique paintings of Polo Blue can be created.

A classic fragrance, Polo Blue has a scent that is not too strong, creating a masculine, strongest natural way. The fragrance is like the waves of the ocean, bringing freedom. Let the cool and fresh air around you throughout the journey

5. Givenchy Pour Homme

A fragrant perfume unique, suitable for outdoor trips, Givenchy Pour Homme gentle fragrant, fresh, sexy and also has durable, odor, warm, full of fascination. Givenchy Pour Homme feels endless pleasure and inspiration for creative surprises.

Top notes of freshness and lightness with melted tangerine taste to the sour and bitter taste of grapefruit. The scent of cilantro is crisp and appealing to human delights and the radiant freshness comes from synthetic hedon. The strength and originality of Givenchy pour Homme is in the middle notes: fruit flavor, pure sweet wood scent and vetiver fragrance. The cedar wood is rich, deep and masculine coupled with the frankincense gives the user an elegant look

6. S.T. Dupont Pour Homme

This fragrance opens with layers of luxurious flavor of bergamot, mandarin, grapes. Layer between delicate flavor with notes of marjoram, pepper, sage and incense class late passionate, warm, precious wood, wool, sandalwood, amber. S.T. Dupont Pour Homme sense to bring back the romance ended dynamic and bustling through the top notes. The mellow abruptly at the last minute is a unique accent that girls cannot forget the picnic fun with you.

7. 212 Sexy By Carolina Herrera For Men

Unique, creative, subtle, mysterious, this warm fragrance offers a seductive aroma of passion. Being inspired by the vibrant and captivating magic of New York, 212 Sexy Men fragrance is perfectly designed in the shape of the bottle was inspired by the exquisite objects in the world. Combined with unique colors, 212 Men evokes a gentleman and personality.

It’s a very seductive scent with top notes of Bergamont and mandarin, middle notes of gardenia and cardamom and base notes of sandalwood and vanilla. Great for evening wear.

8. Euphoria Men Intense by Calvin Klein for Men

With the fresh fragrance, the bold oriental charm of lemon, pepper, ginger, cedar leaf and wood to create a fragrance Euphoria Men cannot be mixed.

Euphoria helps awaken the senses and energize the boys help meet the aspirations of its most intense. The notes are myrrh, spices, ambergris, vetiver, labdanum and agar wood. Created for the modern man, and is recommended for evening wear.

9. Hilfiger Est 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger for Men

Crafted specifically for those who like adventure, Hilfiger EST 1985 is a mixture of fresh fragrance of orange, lemon, pink grapefruit, papaya, rosemary, turmeric, white tea, sandalwood, fruit, tonka bean. This product is a large selection of men’s affirmation as a powerful style, adventure and their fascinating.

Perfume Tips

The fragrance of fruits such as blueberries, oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapes or bergamot is perfect perfume for a picnic by the characteristics of its power increase. You should choose one of the attractive scents to confidently attend our picnics.

I wish you have fun outings with suitable perfume!

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