Ultimate Guide To Top 20 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Men in 2017

Top 5 Best Long Lasting Perfume For Men in 2016

When buying perfume, the scent is always the biggest concern of everyone. Everyone wants to own a scent that suits and keep the scent lasts longer. Understand the psychology that, we would advise you to help choose the best perfume that you are looking for.

It is not easy to choose the attractive, masculine, long lasting among the many brands available on the market. Therefore, we and many experts in the field of scents will make it easier for you to choose the right perfume that you love, in accordance with your personality and use circumstances. We hope that the list below will be a good suggestion for you, saving you a lot of time and finding the best long lasting cologne for men

Ultimate Guide to Top 20 Best Long Lasting Perfume For Men All Time:

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best season to usePriceCustomer Reviews
Herrera For Men by Carolina Herrera7-12 all season$$4.6
Bvlgari Extreme Eau de Toilette7-12 Spring and Summer$$4.6
Roadster by Cartier for Men7-12 all season$$$4.6
Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette Spray for Men7-12 Spring and Summer$$4.6
Diesel Only The BraveFor Men7-12Spring and Summer$$4.6
Prada Infusion D'homme by Prada for Men7-12 Spring and Summer$$4.6
Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler Eau De Toilette7-12 Winter and fall$$4.6
Xeryus Rouge for Men by Givench7-12 Winter and fall$$4.4
Fahrenheit 32 By Christian Dior For Men7-12 All season$$4.1
L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake for Men7-12 Spring and Summer$$4.5
Comme des Garcons 2 Man Eau De Toilette7-12 Winter and fall$$$4.6
Ultraviolet Men Eau-de-toilette Spray by Paco Rabanne7-12 All season$$4.5
Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men7-12Winter and fall$$4.5
Loris Azzaro Men's Chrome Eau de Toilette7-12Summer$$4.5
Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Libre Eau De Toilette Spray for Men7-12Spring and summer$$4.5
Versace Eros Men Eau De Toilette7-12All season$$4.5
Sculpture Homme by Nikos for men Eau De Toilette7-12Spring and summer$4.4
Fierce By Abercrombie & Fitch7-12Spring, summer and Autumn$$4.4
Hugo for Men by Hugo Boss 7-12Spring and summer$$4.7
212 By Carolina Herrera For Men7-12Spring and summer$$4.4

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Review 20 Best Long Lasting Perfumes For Men

1. Herrera For Men by Carolina Herrera

 Herrera For Men by Carolina Herrera- Best Long Lasting Perfume For MenHerrera For Men perfume is Carolina Herrera’s new perfume, with floral, wood and musk

Top notes are rosemary, lavender, lemon and orange flower oil. Fresh citrus notes are blended with cigarettes, musk and amber to create a perfect, yet simple aroma that inspires all your daily activities. The middle note is a combination of cloves, clover and geranium. The final scent is the scent of tobacco along with sandalwood and amber, exudes elegance and sophistication.

The bottle body is made of a transparent glass, with a metal lid that looks like a building’s structure, and feels solid and strong, exactly what this masculine perfume needs.

Herrera perfume for men can help you understand your self worth, making you really confident. Spray it on your skin before going out to work, having a good meal, having a good time with friends and family, and enjoying your fresh and fragrant scent.


  • An attractive masculine scent
  • Long longevity
  • Use all seasons
  • The smell is extremely flexible, can be used anywhere. A perfect fragrance for daily use when going to work or going out.


  • Not suitable for those under 24 years old

2. Roadster by Cartier for Men

The Roadster is Cartier’s new fragrance, a scent belonging to the Fougere fragrance for men. Considered the perfume of the “Mineral Fougere” group but overlooked the lavender scent (which is an indispensable fragrance of the fougere group), the Roadster instead focuses on the scent of mint Pressure thanks to Cashmere wood flavor and little vanilla flavor.

Before becoming the name of a men’s fragrance, Roadster is the name of a watch, its curves have inspired the creation of this perfume bottle, with modern design. The body of the perfume bottle is oblong, made of glass and metal blocks, with a lid evoking an image of the watch’s knob. Bottles can be placed horizontally or vertically.

Roadster is a great, mature and classic scent, sure to become one of your favorite fragrances. Perfect for everyday use, this scent is ideal when you want to get noticed but still light, not harsh. Use this scent in a meeting with your customers or hang out with friends to enjoy the aroma that Roadster brings to you.


  • Attractive, natural, pleasant aroma
  • Long longevity
  • Perfect for everyday use


  • Not suitable for those under 24 years old
  • Do not use on fall and winter nights

3. Prada Infusion D’homme by Prada for Men

Infusion d’Homme EDT is an elegant perfume, reflecting the privacy but the presence of the man. The Prada brand wants to focus on the scent that is reminiscent of “the fresh feeling of wearing a pure white shirt after a bath.” The perfume was designed by Daniela Andrier and Givaudan.

Infusion d’Homme is uniquely illustrated by the aldehyde, citrus scent and fresh cherry blossom, providing a clean and pleasant feeling. The middle notes are wild flowers that are cedarwood and vetiver blossom for the wood. Finally, this fragrance is diffused and becomes sweet and resembles the oriental fragrance of benzoin and aquilaria.

Let Infusion D’homme make you feel stylish and classic. This delicate scent is ideal for casual dating. Whether you go to work or at home, Infusion D’homme will bring a pleasant aroma and not too flashy.


  • A simple and masculine scent
  • Long longevity
  • Good use when you go to work or go out


  • Scent is slightly weaker in winter

4. Bvlgari Extreme Eau de Toilette

The beginning is a mixture of natural scent of lemon and grapefruit, and adds a bit of musk, evoking the smooth and elegant feel of the first version. Gradually, the wood scent becomes more pronounced in just a few minutes, combined with grapefruit and becomes full of attraction, prominence and sensuality. Compared to the original version, Extreme has fewer notes, but this subtle combination is stronger than the original version. In addition, Extreme citrus notes are firmly attached to the base notes until the end.

The design is similar to the previous version, but the bottle body is thinner and lighter in color, instead it is a layer of clear perfume solution in combination with a metal bottle cap.

BVLGARI Extreme for Men, a definition of the vigorous and powerful vitality of modern gentlemen. Nothing is more appropriate when you put on a scent of this classic fish in romantic dates to always be attracted and shining in the eyes of many girls.


  • Elegant, masculine scent helps to express confidence
  • Long longevity
  • Good use when you go to work or go out


  • Scent is slightly weaker in winter

5. Paco Rabanne Invictus Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Invictus The beginning is a refreshing grapefruit fragrance combined with a mixture of sea flavors to create a cool feeling of the sea but no less sweet. Next is the laurel leaf, like the feeling after a shower, a cool sensation to soothe the tense heat of the muscles in motion. The scent of perfume is the best part of Invictus, which starts to appear after a few minutes, the scent mainly consists of a patchouli fragrance combined with an aroma of scent to create a lively scent, Strong is a bit stubborn and attractive.

The bottle design takes on the shape of a trophy, the appeal of the contours on the trophy brings to life the invincible champion’s solid and masculine beauty. French designer Cedric Ragot created the design.

Invictus evokes a look, a modern concept of masculinity. If you are looking to cool down the noon heat, use Invictus to enjoy a refreshing summer day.


  • The smell is masculine and energetic. Bring fresh feeling to users
  • Long longevity
  • The right choice for men who are active, playful and a bit mischievous.


  • Scent is slightly weaker in winter

6. Diesel Only The BraveFor Men

This fragrance starts with the masculine and strong smell of leather, very close to the brand image. The scent of lemon, the scent of freshness, plus the amber and wood with cedar provide a pleasant feeling for the user. This aromatic blend offers a harmonious blend of oriental woody fragrances to give you an unforgettable impression. The contrast between the fresh aromas of lemon and mandarin with violet flowers, cedar and cilantro gives us the warm harmony of amber along with the fragrances of leather Labdanum) and aromatic resin at the bottom of the perfume. The vitality of lemon as a bright spot flashes on the middle note with romantic floral aromas and ends at the end of the fragrance with the scent of leather and resin.

The shape of this perfume is actually a glass sculpture, shaped like a fist, blue-gray, with a silver ring engraved with the Diesel brand name. What Only Brave is aiming to emphasize is the harmony of oriental fragrances, leather and wood, showing masculinity, assertiveness and courage, with clear contrast.

Only the brave – This is a question of belief. Is a matter of confidence. It is about using the energy necessary to achieve a sense of accomplishment from the depths of the soul. Identify your own values and show people your covenant with yourself.


  • Warm, masculine and friendly fragrance
  • Long longevity
  • Beautiful bottle design is attractive


  • Scent is slightly weaker in winter

7. Angel Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler Eau De Toilette

Inspired by the Irish tradition of whiskey, the Thierry Mugler brand launched a pungent wooden scent called A * Men Pure Malt in 2009. Givaudan, Jacques Huclier is the man who created A * Men Pure Malt full of outstanding, delicate and luxurious.

Containing the oriental wood of the A * Men collection, the A * Men Pure Malt is accentuated with a bit of grass and peat smoke, giving the feeling of sipping sips of whiskey. interesting. When dry, the mixture of honey, carmel and sweet vanilla is very similar to the Angel Men’s perfume, except for the chocolate flavor.

It’s no more appropriate to dress yourself up with a sensual and luxurious fragrance called Thierry Mugler A Men Pure Malt for evening parties, romantic dates or just relaxing at some bars.


  • A masculine, elegant scent
  • Long longevity and great design
  • Great scent for the night and best suited to the cold weather of autumn, winter


  • The smell is strong and has an alcoholic smell.

 8. Xeryus Rouge for Men by Givench

Xeryus (the name of a Greek god) red version (Rouge) improved into a deeper and more sexy scent. This is Givenchy’s first oriental fragrance for men.

A lively scent with a cool and lush wave of chinese orange, cactus and vinegar, offers a lively and attractive lure. The middle note is the warm breath of cedar, red pinmento and geranium of Africa, bringing a bitter spicy passion mixed with a bit bitter. Incredibly seductive and invigorating base notes of cedar wood and sandalwood combine with bay leaves and white musk.

This perfume is appealing and dynamic with fresh flowers, rich spices from fresh fruit and exotic woody notes to create an energetic scent. Suitable for daytime activities, this fragrance is perfect for a man who knows how to enjoy life


  • The deep and unique aroma of oriental perfume
  • Long longevity and good for winter and fall
  • Compact design, masculine


  • The smell is slightly intense, it would not be appropriate to use it in the office environment

9. Fahrenheit 32 By Christian Dior For Men

After Jean Paul Gaultier launched Fleur du Male, Christian Dior launched a new spring fragrance called Fahrenheit 32 as a response, a floral fragrance. The floral perfume has finally become popular in manly fashion.

The scent featured only three flavors: soft orange blossom and gleaming; Sweet vanilla and sweet notes, non-wild woody notes such as incense grass, all bring a perfect balance between floral flavor and vanilla. The scent of the scent of orange blossom stands out in harmony with the scent of wood creating a fresh scent. These gentle and bright masculine components can also be of interest to women.

You will notice the curves of the traditional Fahrenheit perfume with a white luster. Box of Fahrenheit perfume bottle is metallic gray.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit 32 is an exciting fragrance for gentlemen and this scent will certainly appeal to those around you. The scent of simplicity and charm radiates an elegant scent that will definitely make people around you pay attention. This gentle perfume is the perfect choice for office days, going out or even at home.


  • Masculine, pure scent with simple spice but effective
  • Long longevity and good for all seasons


  • Not suitable for those under 22 years old

10. L’eau D’issey Pour Home by Issey Miyake for Men 

This perfume is classified as perfume Wood – Oceania. It’s an innovative la Jacques Cavalier

L’eau D’Issey uses a wide range of rare and unusual aromas to create a sense of freedom and tranquility. Top notes are Yuzu, with bergamot, lemon and vinegar. Middle noted mixed with spicy incense and wood of nutmeg and lilies. This is a rather unexpected combination that few perfumes have. Top notes of passion wood, cigar, sandalwood, cedar wood, incense grass and musk, create a sharp finish.

The scent of L’eau D’Issey cologne along quite complex and fascinating similar to its name. The harmony of the fragrance creates a really great scent and is suitable for daytime activities and will certainly help you impress whether you are anywhere.


  • Masculine scent, bring pleasure to users
  • Long longevity and good for summer,spring
  • Best time to use in office or play sport


  • Scent is slightly weaker in winter

11. Comme des Garcons 2 Man Eau De Toilette

Comme des Garcons 2 Man is a Chypre Chypre woody fragrance for men.

Top notes are a combination of a sweet saffron fragrance with lots of spice flavors, woody notes and some aldehydes. This combination creates a distinct flavor. By the time the saffron aroma gradually softened, then the aldehydes became clearer. It brings the warm aromas of soap, and you can still feel the aroma of wood and other aromas, but the aroma of aldehydes is still stronger. The base notes on your skin are warm musk and cilantro incense mixed with some aldehydes and woody notes.

The rectangular shape of the bottle is simple, the rounded corners are slightly smaller than the upper one to create softness. Cylindrical bottle cap is placed tilted to one side, combined with a dark yellow tinge and the emphasis is on handwritten number 2 with the letter MAN written back on the bottle body to create the unique and delicate.

Comme des Garcons 2 Man symbolizes boldness, modernity and personality. This is a unique combination of incense grass, incense and leather to create rich, impressive scent. This perfume is for men who like boldness, breakthroughs and are not afraid to experience new challenges.


  • Men’s fragrance is strong but no less seductive
  • Long longevity and good for fall, winter
  • The bottle design is quite unique and eye catching


  • Less suitable for men of young age

12. Ultraviolet Men Eau-de-toilette Spray by Paco Rabanne

Ultraviolet man is a more masculine, passionate and sexier version than the female version. Gray amber is the main ingredient fortified with mint, greens and moss. Ultraviolet Man was created by Jacques Cavallier.

Ultraviolet perfume burst open with the freshness of mint over the rest of the aroma and then give way to the pepper immediately after mint fade. A great combination of amber and vanilla essence, which is sweet but not overpowering. The middle notes are filled with intense spicy notes of warm, warm, extremely masculine and sexy passion. The moments of calm deposited witness the heady beauty of the oak moss that diminished in harmony with the vanilla highlights of elegant and absolute comfort.

Bottle with spray button design similar to trigger shooter, representing a weapon of seductive female. The enchanting purple design comes with a high-end architecture that combines pure glass with a strong metal that exudes revolutionary spirit, technology and extreme sensuality.

Paco Rabanne’s Ultraviolet perfume offers a perfect masculinity for an evenings out. Whether it is a formal or romantic evening, Ultraviolet with warm woody tone represents your confident beauty and strong personality. Seductive perfumes have become the top choice for men over the past decade.


  • An excellent fragrance for everyday use as a body odor, especially in the evening with a warm, attractive and masculine style.
  • Long longevity and good for all season
  • The bottle design is quite unique and eye catching


  • The scent is a bit too intense in the middle notes. Young people are not suitable for this scent

13. Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men

Drakkar Noir is a fragrance of Guy Laroche fragrance men’s fougere fragrance. The creator of this scent is expert Pierre Wargnye. He created a powerful and explosive scent with a rhythmic blend of lavender, lemon and tangerine in the top layer, the middle layer had a warm aroma with aroma and the base notes with a layer of incense Strong wood style.

Bottle design is launched when black has just started representing masculinity in men’s products. General compact bottle with an oval shape, easy to grasp chin and carry with you.

A Drakkar Noir man is a strong, rebellious and emotional man, and his scent is the same. The scent of lavender opens first together with pineapple and mandarin orange to create a sense of excitement and flying. Next, the aroma of herbs is followed by rhythmic aroma of basil, rosemary, horse-back and fresh mint, giving a sense of masculinity, depth and fragrance. The woody note ends with a scent of oak moss, sage, patchouli, greens, cedar and musk notes. The overall aroma is a constant change, leaving a strong sensual appeal.

Drakkar Noir was one of the men’s perfume scents that were widely used around the world. It is one of the few scents honored by nearly half the men in the United States used (at some point in their lives). Currently, it is still one of the top ten perfumes in Europe. Its scent is successful thanks to its masculine, vigorous aroma, using classic fougare notes combined with rhythmic aromas of modern fruits.


  • Masculine scent, strong
  • Long longevity and good for winter, cold
  • Bottle design is lightweight and easy to carry


  • Not suitable for young men under the age of 25
  • It is not recommended to use this fragrance in hot seasons such as spring and summer.

14. Loris Azzaro Men’s Chrome Eau de Toilette

Chrome takes lemon and musk notes of scent to create a fresh and fresh fragrance. This fragrance revolves around the freshness of the ocean from the top notes of incense to the base notes. In the base notes, there is a subtle blend of woody aromas and tea leaves that bring a manly aroma that is irresistibly appealing.

The Chrome perfume bottle is made of transparent glass and seams its blue tones as the dominant color that evokes a refreshing, pure feeling like the excitement of being in the shores of the Mediterranean. Chrome is a highlight of the silver metal cap is designed to exquisite luxury and fashion.

Chrome has a natural, pure yet very strong and full of personality. The fragrance of Chrome can last a whole day, so it’s best for men to use every morning before work or for walks with friends or romantic dates with girlfriends.


  • Fresh scent with oceany scent and citrus fruit
  • Long longevity and good for summer, spring
  • Good for all ages


  • Not suitable for use at night, the seasons become cold as autumn and winter.

15. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Libre Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

L’HommeLibre perfume with basil is basil and adds the pungent aroma of violet leaves. The subtle flavors of nutmeg and pink pepper flavor create a fresh feeling while aromatic herbs and patchouli combine with the warm tones of leather fabric to create a masculine look.

Ruggedly designed with a hexagonal lid and transparent glass bottle body with smoky, modern look. The overall design of the bottle represents the masculine spirit of the man

Yves Saint Laurent’s L’hommeLibre perfume is known as a luxury fashion product from the 20th century. The fragrance can be used at any time of the day and can retain freshness. Cool all day


  • The smell is masculine, fresh and full of charm
  • Long longevity and good for summer, spring
  • Design beautiful and modern bottle


  • Not suitable for use on winter nights.

16. Versace Eros Men Eau De Toilette

Versace has launched a new men’s fragrance named Eros, inspired and deeply connected with Greek mythology. The purpose of this perfume is to evoke and express the strengths and passion. The perfume is named after the god of love and the son of the god of Aphrodite, Eros. Eros was created by Aurelen Guichard of the Givaudan brand.

With an impressive emerald green design, the perfume bottle is fresh and sexy. The shape of the perfume bottle is like a maze, as if to emphasize its mystery.

Eros expresses masculine power through a subtle combination of fresh mint leaves, lemon peel and green apple. The aroma is addictive with a blend of some of the most exotic oriental fragrances, such as tonka bean, amber, geranium and vanilla, with some of the signature aromas of cedarwood wood from Atlas. And Virginia, while the scent of mauve and oak moss adds to the charm, sophistication and passion for the ladies.

Versace Eros is a fragrance for a strong man, who manages himself and is always fighting to defend his ideas and purposes.


  • The scent is attractive and powerful
  • Long longevity and good for all seasons
  • Sophisticated and attractive bottle design


  • The smell is quite far, so note the dose when used to not offensive.

17. Sculpture Homme by Nikos for men Eau De Toilette

After launching the Sculpture for Women, the Nikos brand continued to launch the Sculpture pour Homme for men. This perfume is as unique and exotic as the female version. And it is very difficult to classify this perfume into a certain group of perfumes.

Delicately scented with a sweet, refreshing aroma in the scent of the head and the scent of incense. Top notes include bergamot, lemon, tangerine and orange blossom. Sculpture is brilliant with the brightness of the charming flowers – jasmine, jasmine, rose and orchid flowers give you confidence. Top notes include cedarwood, resin scent, bile and benzoin.

Bottle style is like a sail, this is the designer’s idea. Both perfume bottles are made from transparent glass with Nikos logo on the bottle body.

Nikos Sculpture perfume is perfect for active men, outdoor enthusiasts like rock climbing or bike rides. Sculpture is the perfect choice for casual encounters and dating as a coffee date or a weekend picnic with a loved one.


  • The scent is attractive and powerful
  • Good price, long longevity and good for spring, summer
  • Good scent for work or sport


  • Incense is not good in the winter.

18. Fierce By Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fierce men’s perfume was created by two perfume makers Christophe Laudamiel and Bruno Jovanovic.

Ferce’s perfume bottle is designed quite simply with a rectangular glass vase body with solid angles, and the bottle body is a strong body image of a very attractive guy. Comes with a round metal cylinder cap.

It begins with the scent of citrus fruit with a blend of orange and lemon. The fragrance gradually converts to a more masculine and attractive mixture with the addition of cardamom and incense. The scent of flowers is soft and easy to discern each incense, they only support from the back for the scent of dry fragrance in a sophisticated way. The base notes of musk are blended with cardamom and rosewood, leaving behind a fascinating and masculine scent.

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch is one of the very favorite Colognes since its launch. A pleasant, masculine fragrance and suitable for many ages, from young guys to male working in the office.


  • Pleasant, attractive, masculine scent
  • Long longevity and good for spring, summer, fall
  • Use for all ages.
  • Good scent for anywhere as go to work or play sport…


  • Incense is not good in the winter.

19. Hugo for Men by Hugo Boss

Hugo perfume is a men’s fragrance created by Bob Aliano. Hugo is classified as a natural green perfume – fragrant. Thanks to the combination of woody notes, fresh citrus and spicy leaves have created this masculine scent.

Thanks to the cool mint flavor, the top notes of this fragrance stand out from the crowd and cedar and wood. The whole mixture of fragrances, though with a combination of scent, they harmonize in harmony. Citrus, mixed with green apple flavor, creates a fresh feeling, then emphasized with mint and lavender scent. The middle notes stand out with the scent of sage. Fragrant sage leads the green incense from the top notes to the top notes. Perfume also has the presence of floral blossom, but mainly to reinforce other fragrances – carnations emanate incense along with geranium and jasmine flowers.

Perfume bottles are designed quite similar to the water can of the soldiers, and more specifically, the green string attached from the bottle neck to the bottle cap. This is the highlight of the masculinity of perfume.

In general, Hugo Boss is a perfect perfume for men. The scent of the name suggests a stylish and classic masculinity, suitable for daytime use.


  • A masculine fragrance full of fresh flavors of citrus notes and mints
  • Long longevity and good for spring, summer, fall
  • Good scent for active outdoor


  • Incense is not good in the winter.

20. 212 By Carolina Herrera For Men

212 Men’s fragrance is made by Carolina Herrera, a fragrance of wood, musk and flower fragrance, exclusively for men. 212 Men was created by Alberto Morillas, Rosendo Mateu and Ann Gottlieb.

Fragrance starts with the masculine scent of bitter grapefruit and spices. The middle notes of this modern fragrance is the harmonious blend of ginger and gardenia flower. The scent of this fragrance is full of sexy scent of base notes with scent of sandalwood and musk. Flavors spice gently, connecting the flavors together, creating a sexy and seductive scent.

212 Men look perfect with the bottle body design inspired by the most sophisticated. It is packed in carton box, bringing color to life, stylish style.

212 for Men by Carolina Herrera expresses the spirit of New York City. It delicately scents, fashionable, suitable for all daytime activities.


  • Delicate and modern scent of wood, musk and flowers
  • Long longevity and good for spring, summer, fall
  • Beautiful design.


  • Not suitable for use in the cool weather of fall and winter.

If the names above make you confused about the price, we will suggest you 12 more names with great prices below. If you think why long lasting but low prices then this is actually the deal of the manufacturer. The value of these fragrances is similar to the ones mentioned above

Let us call the best price longest lasting fragrances for men:

Top 12 Best Price Long Lasting Fragrance For Men

PicturePerfumeLongevity (hour)Best season to usePriceCustomer Reviews
Dreamer By Versace Eau De Toilette Spray for Men7-12 Winter and fall$4.5
Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men7-12 Spring and Summer$4.4
Silver Scent By Jacques Bogart For Men7-12 Winter and fall$4.5
Hanae Mori By Hanae Mori For Men7-12 All season$4.4
Joop Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray for Men7-12Winter and fall$4.5
Aramis By Aramis for Men7-12 Winter and fall$4.5
GREY FLANNEL by Geoffrey Beene7-12 Winter and fall$4.4
Zino Davidoff by Zino Davidoff for Men7-12 Winter and fall$4.1
Quorum By Puig For Men7-12 Winter and fall$4.3
Blue Jeans By Gianni Versace For Men7-12 Spring and Summer$4.5
Joop Nightflight By Joop For Men7-12 Spring and Summer$4.3
Perry Ellis 360 Red By Perry Ellis For Men7-12 Spring and Summer$4.5

Wish you find a pleasant scent. If you know of other good scents, please leave a comment below!!!


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