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Top 7 Best Amazing Calvin Klein Perfumes For Men 2023


Calvin Klein fragrances have also won numerous awards. The scent of CK fragrances has brought a completely new definition to the world of perfume, but it has become a fashion icon today both in style and in scent. Providing us for the first time the scents are suitable for both sexes. Here Top 7 Best Smelling Calvin Klein Perfume for Men.

Review Top 7 Calvin Klein Perfumes for Men

1. Obsession For Men

Calvin Klein launched Obsession for Men in 1986, a year after introducing the Obsession for Women. This perfume is part of the oriental fragrance family and was created by Bob Slattery.

CK Obsession For Men - Best ck perfume

Grapefruit is a fresh citrus scent of tangerine, grapefruit, lemon and bergamot, blending harmoniously with lavender floral scent, nutmeg and a little spice of cilantro aroma and cinnamon incense. warm. The middle notes are carnation with prominent jasmine, rose and pine wood, but the carnation is controlled by sandalwood, patchouli, mop, benzoin, vanilla and amber in the last scent. The scent of red berries strengthens the scent, adding a little sensuality and personality to the fragrance.

CK Obsession is a simple but extremely unique scent with a warm, yet gentle aroma. This is a perfect choice for men to attract the attention of females.

Calvin Klein’s Eternity is a Fougere fragrance. Eternity was launched in 1990. The creator of this fragrance was Carlos Benaim.

2. Eternity For Men

Eternity For Men review on Top Perfume for Men

Eternity has a fresh fragrance with a combination of the main aroma of spicy, lavender and amber.

The top notes are lavender, mandarin orange, bergamot and lemon. The scent of middle notes, such as adding freshness with a combination of coriander, lily, orange blossom, juniper, basil, jasmine, sage, orchid and geranium. The warm base note with sandalwood, amber, musk, mop and Brazilian rosewood. The scent becomes softer and lighter as the fragrance begins to evaporate. The incense mix harmoniously and does not overlap each other.

Eternity will make your romantic evening more perfect when you spray it lightly on your wrist or behind the nape, so that the scent is subtle. Sillage is quite good even if you work all day. Eternity is the symbol of today’s man: masculine, delicate and very powerful.

3. CK One

Calvin Klein’s CK One is a fragrant citrus fragrance for both men and women. The perfume was launched in 1994 and is a creation of two perfumers, Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont.

CK One for men and woman

CK One brings in its freshness and purity and at the same time expresses a new look of perfume.

The original fragrance brings many ideas and inspiration to the user. Then the fragrance bloomed with fresh jasmine fragrance, bring fresh feeling. Green tea leaves and amber bring a subtle warmth to the perfume mixture. Papaya and pineapple in the district along with a few lavender flowers create a refreshing and full of energy.

You can use CK One perfume on your body generously as the fragrance is soothing and relaxing, giving a sense of intimacy. Fragrances are suitable for daytime use whether you are working or holidaying on weekends. Use it to feel confident attachment throughout the day.

4. Euphoria Men

Calvin Klein Men’s Euphoria Eau De Parfum is a sensual and seductive fragrance with a combination of freshness and uniqueness. Euphoria is a creation of Carlos Benaim, Loc Dong and Jean-Marc Chaillan, which was launched in 2006. The fragrance is oriental freshness and modern sensuality.

Euphoria Men review - Best CK cologne

Euphoria Men still retains the character of the main version: a fragrance inspired by the freedom of realization of dreams. Contained in a very elegant glass-plated glass bottle, Euphoria Men is a fragrant, aromatic wood fragrance with a bit of classic harmony with modern background and a bit of Oriental.

Start with a strong aroma, tinged with spice. Flavors in the middle of aromatic with the smell of fresh cool, more vitality. Base notes of oriental fragrance mixed with musk and patchouli. This is a fragrance created by echoes of the summer rain and dew drops on the leaves.

For Calvin Klein, fragrance – sexy, seductive man. This will be a great scent for men of all ages.

5. Dark Obsession

The Calvin Klein brand introduces the Dark Obsession for men in 2013 and is a new member of the Obsession collection, present in the 80’s.

CK Dark Obsession - top perfume for men

Dark Obsession’s passionate and enticing scent stimulates a strong and sensual sensation. The perfume mixture is classified in oriental wood, beginning with the bitter notes of Brazilian mandarin, Guarana and wormwood. Next is the scent of monosodium glutinosa, pine cone, lavender to create the middle notes are passionate and seductive. Finally a warmth of Madagascar vanilla beads along with plastic labdanum and suede.

The perfume bottle has the familiar design of the Obsession fragrance for men, launched in 1986. But this version has a darker and more mysterious color, right on the subject of perfume.

According to Calvin Klein, “Dark Obsessive is a very bold, powerful and sexy perfume bottle.” Dark Obsession promises to bring moments of passion and glamor to the person you love.

6. Calvin Klein CKIN2U For Him

CK IN2U perfume version of Calvin Klein brand is a perfume bottle belonging to the Fougere group of incense introduced in 2007. Carlos Benaim, Bruno Jovanovic, Loc Dong and Jean-Marc Chaillan are but those who have cooperated to create the scent of this perfume bottle.

Calvin Klein CKIN2U For Him review

The aroma opens with notes of lemon and tomato leaves, creating a feeling of rippling freshness. The cocoa flavor in the middle notes has been greatly reduced (still can be felt but not too much), making the aroma combination more interesting. You might think that the vetiver flavor will be bold but the notes are actually more wet than that. The musk incense is similar to the musk of CK One perfume but somewhat purer and warmer. They were then combined with vetiver and cedar wood.

Perfume bottles carry a simple design, put on a white shell and the “CK” part reveals the perfume inside. The bottom of the bottle is exposed and is created with a water drop effect.

Like the previous CK versions, CK IN2U for men is really pleasant and easy to use fragrance. The fragrance of the perfume is created aimed at energetic and energetic young people. A simple scent and a harmonious combination of freshness and passion of incense notes, especially cocoa and lemon flavor.

7. Calvin Klein Contradiction

Calvin Klein’s Contradiction perfume was introduced in 1998. Calvin Klein Contradiction is classified as an oriental wood perfume group. Perfume composition is a creation of bartender Carlos Benaim and Pierre Wargnye.

Calvin Klein Contradiction for men Review on Leo Passion

Lemon and leaf blend with the sweet aroma of sage, nutmeg, vetiver and sandalwood to a perfect daytime fragrance. The scent is lively and fresh but dry, elegant and gorgeous. The perfume gradually shifted to a smooth, pungent aroma when it stayed longer on the skin, and gradually dried up until the warm feeling of musk, ebony and sandalwood appeared to replace it.

Make people curious with the scent of Contradiction by Calvin Klein. This fun, unexpected perfume for men brings a bit of sophistication and mystery that will make you spotless wherever you go. Contradiction creates aura of confidence but is also somewhat mysterious. Use in the morning for fresh scent will last all day.


The attractive fragrance of CK perfume has brought a whole new definition to the perfume world, but simple but has become a fashion icon today in both style and scent. Brings us the first time fragrances suitable for both men and women. Put on the scent of Ck to immerse yourself in the fragrance of youth

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