Top 5 Best Mont Blanc Cologne Review

Top 5 Best Mont Blanc Cologne Review

Montblanc is famous perfume brands from Germany, where the guys are always charming, polite and shine with the perfect scent. So let us find out, what the scent helped the guy always attracted.

Ultimate Guide to Top 5 Best Mont Blanc Perfume for Men

PicturePerfumeStylePriceCustomer Reviews
Montblanc Legend Pour HommeLuxury, elegance and sophistication$$4.4
MontBlanc Legend SpiritYouthful, elegant, generous$$5
Montblanc Emblem For MenAttractive, charismatic and sexy$$4.3
MONTBLANC Star Walker Eau de Toilette, 2.5 fl. oz.Striking, glamorous.$$4.7
MONTBLANC Presence Eau de Toilette, 2.5 fl. oz.Attractive, charismatic and sexy$$4.0

How to choose the right Perfume

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Review Top 5 Best Mont Blanc Cologne for Men 

Mont Blanc Legend Spirit

Mont Blanc Legend Spirit review

In 2016, the brand Mont Blanc has launched the latest version of the successor of Mont Blanc perfumes Pour Homme Legend previously called Mont Blanc Legend Spirit promoted via the slogan “Follow Your Spirit”

Mont Blanc Legend Spirit is Woody Aromatic line but gentle form of wood smell very polite and pleasant to make sure this would be a reasonable choice for the office guy.

The first fragrance of the Mont Blanc Legend Spirit that you can feel immediately it was filled with abundant energy of bergamot, pink pepper and grapefruit. Continuing then lavender and refreshing scent of water blended together like a gentle rain to help you wash the sluggish feeling in friend and also the scent of lavender in this is the component soothing effect nervous, bring you the excitement.

Finally, after about 30 minutes, then gradually woody notes also appear in flavor floor. It is sometimes bit warm layer style incense bare white wood, musk and oak moss, while the middle notes of lavender class continues to spread in a persistent but subtle until the scent of Mont Blanc Legend Spirit ended in softness.

In terms of flexibility when used, Mont Blanc Legend Spirit really proved superior. A scent that you can use to meet partners for the correction cycle that also suit perfectly comfortable daily use or tourist trips in combination with t-shirts, shorts, shoes and sandals full of youthful dynamic, proactive. Costumes white or bright colors intensifies the elegant style, your generous when combined with the scent of Mont Blanc Legend Spirit.

Mont Blanc Emblem For Men

Mont Blanc Emblem For Men review

Market officially unveiled in 2014, the same time as the Intense version. Montblanc Emblem For Men is the embodiment of class and luxury that gives the user Montblanc. Its class is shown comprehensively from luxurious, exquisite scent to elegant, noble. The scent will take you to the passionate of grapefruit, sage, cardamom combined with other flavors such as cinnamon bark, woody, tonka bean.

Mont Blanc Legend Pour Homme

Mont Blanc Legend Pour Homme review

Trade show has introduced Mont Blanc fragrance for men named new Legend, was launched in 4/2011. Legend is a fragrance for men who are confident and are passionate about. Delicately scented and very prominent. Who invented the perfume fragrance is Olivier Pescheux. Fougere fragrance with a masculine scent, dry, showing strong and also very gentle, straight and mysterious.

This is a classic scent Fougere but very delicate with oak moss scent. Top notes opens classes are bergamot, verbena and lavender. Class middle notes are jasmine, white cedar and plum south. Last incense mixed layer artificial flavor ambroxan moss, sandalwood incense, tonka bean.

The perfume has a heavy body with soft curves made of black glass and metal. This design was inspired by the design Meisterstuck pen. minimalist design but extremely elegant, well suited to the concept of Legend.

Legend is a masculine scent, attractive men of courage and confidence. Legend has outstanding aroma and delicate. The aroma is simple but powerful but not too concentration anonymously. Legend will help you leave an impression wherever you arrive.

Mont Blanc Presence

Mont Blanc Presence review

Mont Blanc Presence of the brand is a line of perfume bottles oriental flavor – spicy for men and was launched in 2001. Corinne Cachen who created the fragrance of this perfume. This is the first fragrance brand and outlined Mont Blanc to the presence of the man in a woman’s life suoc. A man discreet and smart, loved the elegance and luxury.

The perfume of this modern oriental fragrance opens with fresh notes of bergamot, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. Grade incense holder, should represent the classic and delicate with notes of sage, sweet apple and heliotrope flower. Mature masculinity is revealed through the last flavor notes include tonka bean, amber, sandalwood and musk.

Mont Blance brand has created many perfume bottles combine style and charm and gaiety to the personality for many years, and Presence is a typical example of this. Casual scent but romantic and exciting is a perfect choice for many different occasions. The aroma brings a modern elegant and helps exudes a dynamism and spirit of adventure.

Mont Blanc Starwalker

Mont Blanc Starwalker review

Perfume Starwalker Mont Blanc brand is a line of perfume bottles woody – pungent list for men and was released in 2005. Michel Almairac who refined the scent of perfume.

With the aroma notes of bergamot, tangerine, pink bamboo at the top layer of flavor, aroma and characterized with a sharp citrus something dry. Class middle notes carry the scent of nutmeg and ginger, bring sharp pungent, help balance the original flavor notes, exuding joy and love of life. Finally, the last layer of flavor brought incense cedar and sandalwood, amber fragrance envelops and white musk. Starwalker scent evoked images of natural and warm sunny days. When used on the skin, the perfume exudes an aspect “burning” unfortunately often flavor shine quite close to the skin.

Starwalker perfume bottle is a really different and unique for men. The scent of perfume suitable for use during the day, and females can hardly resist the subtle fragrance of this perfume.


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