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Review Best 20 Friendly Office Perfumes For Men 2023


Offices where there is a serious work environment, you should use the warm aroma of incense, elegance and gracious. It affects the atmosphere and works the productivity of an entire office. You should choose a mild scent and not too ostentatious. You can refer to the following best work friendly cologne for men below, the Ultimate Guide to Top 20 Best Friendly Office Perfumes For Men 2023.

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Top 15 best perfumes for women at office 2022

For women working in the office, in addition to spruce up its image always tidy, polite, the scent of perfume is also an element of interest is the women, the scent that must express the elegance and style of each person in the workplace. We would suggest to help you the most wonderful scents for women working in the office!

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Review Top Best Men’s Perfumes For Office Wear

1. Prada Amber Pour Homme – Elegant and Masculine Scent

Review Prada Amber Pour Homme  - Best office perfume

Prada Amber Pour Homme is Prada’s first men’s fragrance, which was introduced in 2006, two years after the original women’s edition was launched. The perfume maker is Daniela Roche-Andrier, Prada’s niece. Miuccia Prada, the founder of the large designer leather company, is also involved in the creation of this perfume. This is an elegant and gentle masculine scent. The scent is based on four main flavors.

Amber: As the main ingredient with Oriental flavor as background, it includes vanilla, labdanum, tonka bean and patchouli. Fougere Aroma: A fragrant scent mixed with soap scents, including notes of arnica, patchouli, orange blossom and scent in the middle notes.  Top notes include bergamot, mandarin orange, mandarin orange and nutmeg. Leather scent: Creates a base of perfume (leather, saffron, sandalwood) Prada Amber pour Homme is a refined and luxurious perfume. Bold and masculine, but not too passionate, this is a wonderful flowering scent. Use a little on the wrist to bring a very masculine and attractive smell not only for you but also create a pleasant working atmosphere for the whole office.

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  • Men’s masculine and seductive for men
  • Best long lasting scent
  • Use for all seasons
  • Prada is the best perfumes for men in the office but also the perfume you can use in many different locations


  • Not suitable for men under 20-year-old

2. Bvlgari Man Eau de Toilette – Luxurious and Seductive Cologne

Bvlgari Man fragrance is designed by Alberto Morillas and released in 2010. Bvlgari Man towards the purity of nature to strong exudes the seductive scent of men’s luxury extended top notes in class, seductive woody middle notes and the class with the final layer of musk.

bvlgari man -Best perfumes for men at office 2021
– Top notes: Lotus, bergamot, violet, white pear.
– Middle notes: vetiver, woodsy notes, sandalwood, amber, cashmere wood, cypriol oil.
– Base notes: Benzoin, Musk, Tonka Bean, White Honey.

Bottle design with bold modern image of the sample rugged man of today, with black and white tones as the leading and user-transparent glass bottle. Accompanied by a lid with colored metal spray.

Overall, Bvlgari Man is a perfect fragrance for men. From bottle design, to name scents to evoke stylish masculinity. Elegance and sexy man was created by the freshness, cleanliness and warmth of wood flavor. Will be a perfect combination if Bvlgari Man accompany chic fashion style elegance.

Bvlgari Man in Black starting passionate scent with the freshness of the Violet leaves and the smell of Orange Bergamot, with just a drop of honey is enough to make a seductive sweetness of powerful men. Middle-class flavor with the presence of musk scents helped make our tasks in contributing to soften the ingredients of the aquatic aroma than flavor or fragrance of lotus flowers.

Aroma continued transformation and becomes drier in the face of the sun, but the freshness remains. What is left on the skin will be fresh and attractive luxury of wood. Bvlgari Man is not a breakthrough in bringing a new fragrance but very successful in creating a sparkling skin seductive man.

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  • Men’s masculine scent, the luxurious woody fragrance for men.
  • The moderate scent and modern bottle design
  • Best men’s cologne for spring, summer and autumn.


  • Not suitable for use on cold winter

3. MONT BLANC Legend Eau de Toilette – Delicate and Exquisite Fragrance

montblanc-legend- Best perfumes for men at office 2018
– Top notes: Bergamot, Bergamot, Lemon verbena, Pineapple.
– Middle notes: Coumarin, Oak Moss, Geranium, Roses, Red Apple, Dried Fruit.
– Base notes: Sandalwood, Tonka Bean

A relatively youthful style, modern with the pretty aroma of Mont Blanc Legend flatter nose will make you happy. First scent energetic blur of bergamot and grapefruit help you feel refreshed instantly. Next to the fresh scent, lavender powerful and musk, woody, cardamom brings a sweet scent quite pleasant but still very masculine and polite. Mont Blanc Legend quite appropriate for a guy with introverted personalities prone but still have the optimism, joy in life and work.

Legend is a masculine scent, attractive brave men and confident. Legend has a distinctive and delicate fragrance. The scent is simple but strong but not too strong. Legend will leave you impressed wherever you go. The Mont Blanc Gift Set with eau de toilette, after shave and shower gel is very trending at the moment.

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  • A fresh, sexy, masculine scent that does not irritate the surrounding people with excellent sillage
  • Can be used at the office or outdoors
  • Best seasons use: spring, summer and fall


  • The scent is weak in winter

4. Hugo Dark Blue – Fresh and Attractive fragrance

Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss brand is the pungent fragrance of oriental line for men. Hugo Dark Blue debuted in 1999 and was created by Alain Astori and Beatrice Piquet.

hugo boss dark blue - Best cologne for men at office 2018
– Top notes: orange, ginger, grapefruit, lemons, lime.
– Middle notes: Perfume Coumarin, Oak Moss, Geranium, Roses, Red Apple, Dried Fruit.
– Base notes: Patchouli, Pineapple, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Vanilla.

Starting with orange fragrance, lemon grapefruit fresh with a bit of passion, pungent ginger. But this fragrance does not last long, it slowly turns into a very impressive, unique fragrance extracted from mahogany, broccoli, cypress, sage and geranium. After 20 to 30 minutes, the seductive aroma of wood is extracted from cedarwood, patchouli, benzoin and vetiver. Hugo Boss Dark Blue brings a sense of extreme masculinity and attachment to the body of the user. Hugo Boss Dark Blue’s head is quite strong but gradually it will settle down and leave a delicate and pleasant scent. This fragrance can be used during the day and with the mystery of the scent, the Hugo Boss Dark Blue can also be used at night as depicts the hidden corner and deep emotions of the user.

Hugo Boss perfume bottle designed by Dark Blue glass transparent black blue carry slim. This design provides the best of modern & sophisticated fragrance and are favored by the mysterious dark blue. Besides, the shape of the perfume bottle is innovative cocktail shaker like silver cap bottle was uncovered body. This is one of the unique design of Peter Schmitt.

A fresh and attractive fragrance for men. Fragrance achieves a balance between sweetness and passion, a fragrance not to be missed if you like citrusy fragrances.

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  • A fresh and attractive fragrance for men. Fragrance achieves a balance between sweetness and passion
  • Cheap price
  • Use all seasons, everywhere


  • Fragrances are somewhat inappropriate for young people
  • The aroma is more intense in the summer, but not too stuffy.

5. Rochas Man – Gentle and Elegant scent

office perfume

Rochas Man is a fragrant wood fragrance. Smooth, elegant aroma of vanilla aroma for men. Suitable for use in the office environment. The creator of this perfume is Maurice Roucel. Rochas has combined the masculinity, the personality with the charm and sophistication in a creative and unique way.

Rochas Man is a fresh amber scent with a combination of lavender and coffee. The first incense scent was inspired by fresh bergamot, light lavender with lavender. The aroma of pure and elegant with the scent of flowers (lily flower, lily of the forest) combined with musk create a sexy. Smooth, velvety finish with vanilla, sandalwood, amber and warm aroma.

Perfume is designed with a combination of classic and modern. Unique perfume, bottle look like a frosted glass dagger and thin steel, masculine and mysterious. The designer of this perfume is Franzudolf Lehnert and Michael Forster.

Rochas Man is well suited to work in the office, take a walk, drink a cocktail after work or take a stroll on the beach. This fragrance will bring confidence, charm and masculinity to you at any time. Rochas Man is actually one of the best vanilla perfume for men.


  • Smooth, elegant aroma of vanilla aroma for men.
  • Fragrances bring gentleness, elegance to men.
  • Best to use in Fall and winter
  • The simple bottle design, fancy.


  • Not suitable for use in hot season.

6. Kenneth Cole Black – Pleasant and Sexy Scent

Kenneth Cole Black brings aromatic scents for men. Launched in 2003, the product is refined by expert Harry Fremont and Sabine De Tscharner. Black is the second fragrance of American designer Kenneth Cole and he is known for being a talented tailor specializing in fashions. Black spreads the masculine scent that represents elegant beauty inspired by the 20th anniversary of his company’s founding.

Glamorous and exquisite, Black evokes a blend of sensual wood, black skin, deep frizz and revealing skin like a pleasing pleasure like a cashmere sweater. At the same time incredibly sexy, Black draws masculine combinations from spice extract, wood, aquilaria, suede and aromatic notes. A charming and too luxurious. The moment of deposition witnessed the quietness of the throne of incense and musk. A few flowers of grass cut into the wood and grass, pat the skin and leave the last tasting in the pan and very pleasant.

Kenneth Cole Black is a fascinating, exciting and masculine fragrance. This fragrance is loved by men who are looking for their own fragrance that can be enjoyed in the workplace or in golf and friends. You will enjoy the pleasant surprise of becoming the focus of attention whenever you travel with Kenneth Cole Black.


  • Pleasant scent, warm feeling.
  • The long lasting scent from 7-12 h
  • Use most seasons of the year


  • Not suitable for the man under 20 years old

7. Versace Pour Homme – Masculine and Fresh Scent

versace - Best perfumes for men at office 2016
– Top notes: mandarin orange, bergamot, rose de mai
– Middle notes: hyacinth, geranium,clary sage,cedarwood
– Base notes: Beans Tonka, Musk, Amber.

According to many, the Versace Pour Homme comment perhaps a gentle version of Chanel Allure Homme Sport, both have similarities to the more than 50%, so this would be a more economical choice if you love smells and stylish like Chanel Allure Homme Sport. Versace Pour Homme back to the aromatic scents and soothing sound milder than Chanel Allure Homme Sport fragrance thanks to layers of neroli quite thick with musk, amber and tonka bean flavor floor finish. This will be the ideal choice for office men arriving in a hot sultry weather of summer.

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  • The masculine, fresh and classic fragrance for modern men.
  • Moderate scent
  • Attractive design bottle and personality.


  • Not suitable for use in autumn and winter, especially at night.

 8. Happy By Clinique For Men

clinique-happy-edt-perfume-for-men Best perfumes for men at office 2016
– Top notes: lime, mandarin orange, bergamot, green notes, lemon, sea notes
– Middle notes: lily of the valley, South African orchids, jasmine flowers, roses
– Base notes: cypress, musk, Guaiac wood, cedarwood

In 1997, Clinique launched Happy couple perfumes for both men and women. The name Happy has said it all. You are always searching for happiness in your life, but there are some who contend that I find happiness? You may strive a lifetime to achieve a high position in society, educated erudite, have plenty of money but not make you happy. Happiness is to nourish your soul. Whether you are in a circumstance, you just need to be happy with yourself, then you have found happiness. That’s the message of Clinique Happy perfume. Starting with flavored sea salt concentrations energetic, lime leaves and orange-flavored fresh citrus fragrance represents life vastly energized. Then there is floral chain for the beautiful things you dream of and have been in my life. Finally, deep woody beam as good memories that each of us always keeps in my heart and feels happy to remember.

So, Happy by Clinique is recommended for the young men in the office. Scents cool, masculine, refined from lemon, tangerine, orange and grapefruit will make your workday more enjoyable and effective.


  • A sensual, fresh scent. Provides a comfortable feeling for the user, with fresh citrus notes and fruity floral accents
  • The daytime scent, suitable for summer weather


  • The scent is weak when using cold weather

9. Gucci Pour Homme II For Men

Gucci Pour Homme II For Men - Best cologne for men
– Top notes: violet leaves, Bergamot orange.
– Middle notes: Cinnamon, Pepper Pimento, Black Tea
– Base notes: Olives, Musk, Tobacco, Myrrh

Four years after the success of Gucci Pour Homme, Gucci released Gucci Pour Homme II in 2007, designed by two famous perfumers, Karine Dubreuil. The fragrance retains the elegant look, masculine masculinity as the original version, but now becomes softer and more subtle.

Gucci Pour Homme II begins with a fresh, sparkling fragrance, but only impresses in the beginning. Almost immediately, the aroma of black tea and bergamot will replace and dominate, you will feel a warm, warm aroma instead. Then, cinnamon scent spread, blended with all the scent to create a unique scent, bringing the feeling of freshness, comfort to the extreme.

Middle notes shine with attractive scent, attractive of chili, black tea and warm, sexy smell of cinnamon. A fresh, seductive aroma combined with the masculine scent of olive wood, tobacco leaves, musk and aromatic leaves. Gucci with simple criteria not sophisticated but always achieve high efficiency.

The transparent glass bottle contained inside is dark blue creating an impressive accent. The wooden bottle cap fits snugly against the bottle, which adds elegance. Bring youthful, dynamic, masculine powerful, perfume bottle for men, bravery, freedom, full of confidence and dynamism. A true male fragrance is loved around the world. Therefore, Gucci Pour Homme II has created a fascinating and easily captivating look.

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  • Well used in most of the year
  • The aroma is masculine, powerful and gives an elegant look to the men.
  • The bottle design is simple but very beautiful


  • Not suitable for use on cold winter nights.

10. Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc

Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc is a fun aroma for guys who are dynamic, polite and love the gentleman with the boss or colleagues around.

This Lacoste fragrance is delicate because of its pleasant sweet scent, thanks to the combination of the emerald-green jasmine fragrance. Finally, the smooth, velvety layer of the skin is mixed with a slight warmth of woody notes and vetiver.

This fragrance gives you a very refined, refined and healthy style that makes everyone feel optimistic, happy to contact you.


  • The scent is always full of vitality and energy, even when used on hot summer days
  • Moderate scent is also the strength of this fragrance.


  • The scent is weak when using cold weather

11. D&G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men EDT Spray

– Top notes: sicilian mandarin, juniper, orange, bergamot
– Middle notes: Rosemary, Brazilian Black pepper, Pepper.
– Base notes: musk, moss,incense

Dolce & Gabbana has a line of perfumes are very popular with the cool scent chain in 2001, which was the Light Blue. And this year, this famous brand continues to present two new versions inspired by the wonderful places in the Mediterranean Sea: coastal village of Portofino and the volcanic island of Stromboli. Bring the fresh scent of the sea. Two main versions are Light Blue Living in Stromboli (for men) and Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino (for women). Clear scent of pink pepper, citrus trees, wood geranium, patchouli, moss vetiver, amber will give you a sense of freshness and enthusiasm at work.

Released by Dolce & Gabbana in March of 2020, Light Blue Love Is Love Pour Homme combines tantalizing, fresh elements of fruit, aromatic spice, musk and creamy gelato


  • The fresh and liberty scent gives an elegant and relaxing feeling to the user.
  • The daytime scent, suitable for summer weather


  • The notes of water in the perfume make it not really suitable for use in the cold weather of fall and winter

12. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men

acqua-di-gio: Best perfumes for men at office 2016

Inspired by the city’s bike looks Pantellerie, Armani has created scents for men this freedom. Our components are selected so that we can get a sense of all the salty sea water, with warm sunny colors of the Mediterranean on your skin. With the combination of bitter orange with rosemary, sea salt mixed with incense and hedione the softness of musk, Aqua di Gio perfume that you can use in the office, keeps you fresh and young.


  • The scent is masculine and attractive
  • Easy to use and suitable for many situations
  • Best aquatic perfume for men


  • The scent is not suitable for use in the evening, especially in cold seasons such as autumn and winter
  • Acqua di Gio is not suitable for use in important events because it is so popular

13. Burberry London for Men

A name was too hit with the office when the cold season, Burberry London seemed to become a legend in the hearts of men by scent impossible more elegant characteristics of tobacco and woody. The scent of warm but not warm yet, shine a slight aroma and slight pungency pretty impressive, but will not make your colleagues feel uncomfortable, this will be the perfect scent for quiet and romantic men.

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  • The smell of elegant, delicate.
  • Moderate scent is also the strength of this fragrance.
  • Best men’s cologne for fall and winter


  • Not suitable for hot weather

14. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren for Men

The scent from Ralph Laurent quite flattering nose for the modern office men, the Polo Blue is like the smell of chilled fruit aroma combined with herbs, slightly pungent warmth of musk and amber. This perfume is not too picky weather or style used by the user, with any outfit combined with the scent of Polo Blue, you will also find a youthful and more masculine.

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  • The smell of masculine, mature, elegant style and attractive but still looks natural
  • Suitable warm weather creates a comfortable, pleasant feeling
  • Best Smell for the young man.


  • The scent is weak when using cold weather

15. Grey Vetiver – Tom Ford

If you think that the perfumes of Tom Ford are sexually suggestive or provocative, then perhaps you have not discovered the scent of Grey Vetiver. This fragrance is inspired by the scent of dry, crisp soil of Vetiver but blends smoothly with wood, oak, orange blossom and grapefruit, making Gray Vetiver bright and pleasant much more. Tom Ford has remodeled the vetiver’s depressing qualities in the scent to make Grey Vetiver a bright, clean and elegant fragrance that is pleasant but still has a very personal and mature personality. Perhaps because Tom Ford Grey Vetiver is rated as one of the best perfume bottles for office men at all times of the year and in any work environment.

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  • The modern, fragrant scent, which gives a subtle flavor to a man.
  • Good longevity, which gives the fragrance many hours of skin and clothing


  • The scent is not suitable for young people
  • The fragrance is weak when using cold weather

16. Hugo Boss Selection

Hugo Boss brand is quite familiar with men by fashion style is very elegant image bold image of successful businessmen or masculine office boys. Hugo Boss Selection is a signature fragrance with a spicy warm spice flavor of pink pepper and star anise, alongside a subtle, classical style of cedar woody notes. Finally, the smell of musk is a little seductive, very masculine. Men who work in the office for over 25 years or have a quiet, serious personality will match the fragrance of the Hugo Boss Selection, especially in autumn and winter, the aroma will work even better.

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  • Elegant, strong and clean scent
  • Usable for most seasons of the year
  • The bottle design is solid and very masculine.


  • Sillage is moderate, must be used often
  • Not suitable for use on cold winter

17. Comme des Garçons Wonderwood

Wonderwood is a niche fragrance for men. Incense aroma with vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli, guiac wood, cedar, agarwood, cypress … Incredible starters with dry woody incense. The aroma brings the taste of oriental taste and mixed with some incense. The scent makes feeling so pleasant and enjoyable. When the dried and fresh fragrance disappears, the sweet scent of synthetic sandalwood with white musk becomes clearer. This combination is intended to highlight the mild aroma of natural sandalwood. Comme des Garcons’ Wonderwood is a wooden scent that does not follow the old standards but is accentuated by the overwhelming fusion of mixed woods, highlighted by the lacquered wood texture. I love wood in Wonderwood. First, it creates a solid feeling of trust with the other person. Next, the scent is not a change or a virtual change, but the pure wood highlights the smell from the beginning to the end. Outspoken and sympathetic.


  • Simple design combined with powerful masculine fragrance.
  • The fragrance has a stable sillage, can use all seasons, especially in the fall and winter
  • The charm of wood in perfume combines harmoniously


  • The scent may become more intense in the summer

18. Tommy Bahama St Barts Cologne Eau de Cologne

Set Sail St. Barts of the Tommy Bahama brand for men is a fragrant citrus fragrance and was launched in 2007. Tommy Bahama describes the fragrance as “a persistent woody white scent and white sand. Relax your mind, with cool tequila after a hot day. ” The scent of Set Sail St. Bart’s is a wonderful fragrance of lemon and other notes of wine, making it feel like a margarita cocktail. The fragrance is very good on hot days, making perfume extremely easy to use. The perfume in the perfume is quite similar to the fragrance in the Virgin Island Water of Creed brand but has reduced the smell of rum alcohol. Even the perfume does show a scent of coconut which is not mentioned in the notes. The perfume wrapped itself in a blue color with a sailor’s knot on the bottle cap. Also on the bottle body is a carved palm/coconut. Stand out from the crowd with the seductive scent of Set Sail St. Barts. The fragrance of perfume is extremely suitable for use during the day and even at night. Fragrant fragrances for use from the gym to the office or to the bar, allowing you to create an impression wherever you go.


  • A fresh scent with refreshing sea scent.
  • Use a variety of circumstances: go to work, go out, bar …
  • The bottle design is quite eye-catching.


  • Not suitable for cold seasons

19. Declaration d’Un Soir

Cartier has improved one of their best-selling perfumes, the Déclaration, a masculine fragrance created by Jean Claude Ellena. This product is redeveloped, located in the main perfume line of Cartier. Cartier Declaration D’Un Soir is classified as fragrance wood, musk and flowers. Déclaration d’un Soir is a new fragrance for men, recreating the cool spices of the original version. It is difficult to classify because the Declaration d’un Soir carries the scent of ginger in the top notes before the citrus scent and spices begin to unfold. The scent of roses and nutmeg is extinguished in the middle notes, blended with fresh fragrance compounds. Finally, the base note is the scent of sandalwood. Although the bottle design has been improved a bit, it is easy to see that this is a perfume bottle belonging to the Déclaration line. You will become confident to speak your mind when using Cartier’s Declaration D’un Soir. You will love the way this attractive scent creates attraction. The combination of spices, sweet scents, and woody notes will leave you with a masculine and sensual scent.


  • A passionate fragrance and masculine, have the power to attract women.
  • Long lasting perfume
  • This is an extremely versatile scent, which can be used for both day and night and in seasons of the year.


  • The original fragrance is warm but will soon soften

20. Dunhill Pursuit – Alfred Dunhill

Dunhill Pursuit is a perfume from the Alfred Dunhill brand that brings a flamboyant style to the men and was launched in the perfume market in 2006. created by famed perfumery manufacturer Michel Girard, is credited with oriental fragrances.

Bring the warm breeze with the mysterious look of the East, the scent is opened to the deep aroma of incense, incense and sandalwood charm. This group is full of enchanting and also the main “color” of this product. The scent lasts until it meets the base with amber, cedar strongly intermingled with orange oil, musk infused with the scent of leafy trees in the morning full of pure, making the whole scent deep.

Dunhill Pursuit is a powerful, charismatic product for gentlemen. A strong and attractive scent for men. Distinctive scent is suitable for use in the office environment. Bottles are beautiful design is also the advantage of this product.


  • A passionate fragrance and masculine
  • This is an extremely versatile scent, which can be used for both day and night


  • Not suit for summer


Use polite perfume scents, subtle workplace not only helps the men more confident in communicating just create beautiful images in the eyes of colleagues and boss. Besides the appropriate scent is also effective to help the spirit of the men work more efficiently as well as greater opportunities for advancement should never underestimate the use of fragrances in the office. We hope the top list of best office fragrances above will give you more inspiration and efficiency when coming to the office.

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