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How To Store Perfume?


Do not let the perfume in the bathroom

Many people have the habit of finishing spray to perfume in the bathroom. However, high humidity in the bathroom than usual, along with the sudden change in temperature in the bathroom can be transformed perfume smell.

To fragrance in a limited sun exposure

Perfume can be degraded and damaged very quickly if exposed to the sun. You can invest in a safe in the bedroom closet for storage of your favorite perfume bottles.

How to store perfume?

Retain paper boxes of perfume

When opened bottle of perfume, you should keep the paper box as it helps preserve the fragrance in the bottle. Every time you’re done for the box carefully. The box is usually specially designed so as not to fly perfume smell, and texture matching the shape of each bottle.

Perfume preserved in the refrigerator

With the use of the refrigerator to preserve perfume fragrances will be increased longevity. But this only works when your refrigerator should be clean and you have to take a separate compartment for cosmetics. Otherwise, the combination of the smell of perfume and food will destroy both.

Choosing perfume bottle with an opaque body

Exposure to sunlight and air to make perfumes and scents broken change over time. Thus, the opaque and sealed bottles will protect the perfume before these factors. If you want to keep perfume in bottles with screw tops or publication, you need to make sure the bottle is always tightly closed.

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