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5 Men’s fashion rules not to break


A few examples such as slim-fit design classic men’s pants on this day is widely tailoring or seated CROPPED bring modernity, youthful trendy. But for those who love the nostalgia, they are too weak and infringement willow masculinity drastically. They love the classic strong suit pants or furniture, it adhered sharp turn virile man. Or, as today, was wearing the same suit sneakers map by strong growth in terms of both quality and premium aesthetics of the shoes, which you almost can not see the 2 decades ago.

We live in a multi-dimensional flat world full of opinions and subjective rules. A detail can make many people love but others do not. But a liberal society though nowhere are also run by the law, and there is no exception in male fashion.

Beyond these trends, there are conventions ranks upheld. We were born with a spiritual meaning or certain aesthetic, a consensus by the fashion house, producers, critics, fashion power. Your job is to follow a strict way, because if they do not act against merely the “unfashionable” that it is the disregard for the “rule of fashion”.

We introduced 5 Men’s fashion rules that you should always follow:

Rule 1: Never close all button on the suit jacket / blazer

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Close all the buttons on the button suit jacket / blazer is commonly found in many errors. The last button is only meant to decorate the symbolic ruins left from the tail-style cocktail dress, the ancient version of the suit today. Suit jacket tailored modern fit the wearer molded, beveled design with flared at the hips to create a sense of slimming the waist. So just try to set the end node, especially when sitting down, the fabric will make that area was pulled back down, the entire jacket were pushed up looks very unattractive, in shape and the thread will be damage..

Rule 2: Washing too much is not a good thing

Always wash after every dressing is a misconception, of course, except for underwear. Many items can be worn for several days to several weeks before putting them into the washing machine. More cleaning, more quickly degraded item and had to spend money shopping.

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This rule is applied carefully to suit items, whether dry cleaning. Chemicals will do frayed fabric as well as damaging the thread, so clean them only once or twice in a year. Instead, the toilet briefly exposed areas near the body, such as the collar, sleeves, wearing armpit after each cleaning with less water, disinfectants, and drying in the shade.

Denim and tailoring items, you can wear them for weeks to months before washing to keep the original in shape. Especially with raw jeans pants, manufacturers recommend wearing at least 6 months in the period prior to fading characteristics water washing head, and at least one month during the next visit. Meanwhile, T-shirts, shirts, chinos pants can be reused 2-3 times prior to washing.

Rule 3: Not just any shirt can tuck

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You usually think of any shirt can always stuck, but it depends on the coat tails.

Shirt style used to tuck be known as dress shirt tailed usually elected and hybrid bodice butt end, taking in the polite events. As for the type of shirt with slim-fit modern and hem dots only half right buttock. Absolutely not tuck because as campaigning, lap looks very bad will loosen and cause inconvenience to the wearer

As for the t-shirt, you can apply the above principles, based on the length hem that decide whether or not boxed.

Rule 4: Cleaning, shoe care not merely “polishing”

Shoes, material things evaluate the “understanding” of the male fashion wear by serious investment products as well as the care and hygiene feat. Not only cement holding the brush and bit some way for shiny swipe is enough, it requires more than that!

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What shoe care when it is submerged in water? How many kinds of shoe polish? Skin Care and suede usually have the same? Want to shape long-form shoes should what? … That’s what you need to learn carefully if you want long-term commitment with the pair of shoes.

Rule 5: Once wearing suit, do not wear backpacks that bring briefcase

As we know, the backpack was no longer the item for students or people traveling, which has grown both in terms of materials and superior design in fashion. From Herschel to Louis Vuitton are devoted to their personal playground.

briefcase for men

However, if you just wear shirts with trousers or chinos in the office environment, the backpack can be accepted by the convenience that it offers. When worn with a suit, absolutely do not bring backpacks, even though it has brought high-level design or how expensive, because it is not suitable to suit accessories. The reason is quite simple, wearing backpacks will suit wrinkled and damaged the appearance. Weight and friction causes wear long worn fabric where most exposed shoulder area will be worn.

Briefcase comes suit is a classic choice, but not obsolete, both high aesthetic is not damaging to the suit.

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